PFinger Mailinglist


The PFigner mailing list aims to provide a forum for developers and users of PFinger. The goal is on the one hand to provide (limited) support for using PFinger by the poeple who actually wrote the program. On the other hand it should allow to discuss new ideas and even design decisions.


For receiving the e-mails of the PFinger mailing list you must ``subscribe'' (or register) your e-mail address at the mailing list program.

You can do this by sending an e-mail to which contains the the text ``subscribe pfinger'' on a single line. If you want to susbcribe an e-mail address other than you are sending from, the text would be ``subscribe pfinger email@address'', where email@address is the address you want to subscribe.


After you subscribed to the mailing list, you will receive all e-mails that are sent to it. If you want to participate yourself in a discussion or asking a question, send e-mail to The e-mail will be sent to all subscribers of the list.


If you no longer want to receive the e-mails sent to the list, do the same as if you were registering, only replace the word ``subscribe'' with the word ``unsubscribe''.

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