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The current release is PFinger version 0.7.10 The client and the server are distributed in the same source package.

Tested Platforms

PFinger has been tested on Linux, Solaris, NetBSD and NeXtStep 3. But in principle it should run on every Unix platform.


PFinger Server

PFinger Client

Release Schema

The version numbers consist of three numbers in the form ``1.2.3''.

The first number is the main version number. It indicates the basic features of the release and compatibility to other releases with the same main version number.

The second number is the minor version number. If it is odd it indicates a developement release. If it is even it shows that probably some small features were added compared to a release with a lower minor version number.

The third number is a ``patchlevel'' number und indicates that some bug was fixed. The third number may be ommited.

Source Download

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