IPv6 for Linux


See http://www.bieringer.de/linux/IPv6/IPv6-HOWTO/IPv6-HOWTO.html for information about installing and using IPv6 on Linux Systems

If you are using an Linux system with libc5 see ftp://ftp.bieringer.de/pub/linux/OldDocuments/

A general description can be found on SUN's IP Next Generation (IPng) document

What's IPng/IPv6 ?

IPv6 (Internet Protokoll version 6) is the successor of today's IPv4. It is described in the RFC's.

Getting the Sources

Since Kernel 2.1.x (x = latest) IPv6 - Support is included. Enable it by setting CONFIG_IPV6=[y|m]. However you'll need a few basic applications to make use of it. See http://www.bieringer.de/linux/IPv6/IPv6-HOWTO/IPv6-HOWTO-1.html for a list of the latest software and where to find it.

And since you're already downloading...: You should use the latest kernel, if possible.


If you wan't to do some work, subscribe yourself to the netdev-mailinglist. Send a mail to majordomo@nuclecu.unam.mx with the subject "subscribe netdev".

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